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The dust of time

  • nft
  • urban
  • lost place
  • germany
  • leipzig
  • streetart
  • tezos

A forgotten place. The dust of time lies on everything, nature reclaims what once belonged to her. The plaster crumbles from the walls, nothing endures, only change.

The dust of time is to visually describe, that nothing in life is constant except change. The collection will contain several, min. 15 edition, photos of Leipzig Germany. Places that continue to change due to various influences and as witnesses of time stand for what once was. In the meantime, some of these places no longer exist in the form that can be seen, they have been demolished or rebuilt.

When we entered these places in 2018, they were unfortunately already marked by theft and rioting. However, many stories can still be guessed. Here and there there were also still completely preserved areas.

We did not have much time on these premises and I photographically tried to take what was possible.

Lost places have always had a very special aura for me. Long forgotten stories that are inherent in all these places, but which you can feel when you explore them. Buildings that even in decay look more beautiful than most newly built ones. Places abandoned by people, where we see how slowly but surely nature reclaims what actually belongs to her.

The collection will work a little differently than usual.

The presale pass

On the 1st of September, I’m going to release and entry NFT into this collection. Two editions of the entry NFT will be airdopped to all fans with over 10 items from me or 50 XTZ spent for my work. Also, there will be some raffles and giveaways for the entry NFT.

Besides this, the entry NFT can be purchased for 2 XTZ and will act as a presale for this collection.

Either after selling out all editions of the entry NFT or latest at the 15th of September the first photo will be minted into the collection and the remaining entry NFT editions will be burned.

Everyone with the entry NFT is then free to burn it in exchange. 1 entry NFT edition = 1 edition of the actual photo. This burn phase will have 24h. Each photo piece will be minted with min 15 editions or more, depending on what was burned. If not all editions are acquired through the burn mechanism, they’ll be listed for 4 XTZ. After the first photo is sold out the next will be released and so on.

Buying the entry NFT will give you a discount of 50%

in short

  • presale pass edition = 1 edition of a photography piece.
  • burn phase is 24h after the announcement of a new drop.
  • photography piece will be minted with min 15 editions or more depending on burn rate.
  • after 24h I take a snapshot of the burns, mint the photo and send out the editions.
  • if the piece isn't sold out the remaining editions will be listed with 4 XTZ