Hi I'm Tobias
I like to take photos


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solitude a curation of photez 4 earth artworks

Published 21.04.2023

This is a curation of photography artworks I collected as NFTs on Tezos from the #photez4earth event. I put them together under the name "solitude" since they're all giving me a feeling of freedom and of being alone with nature. They're all reflect moments in time I enjoy the most.

How to build a brand?

Published 10.02.2023

From the beginning of my career as a photographer, I wondered how I could turn it into a brand. I studied media design and part of it was marketing, so I went straight to creating a brand. I worked on a name, a logo, even a letterhead and a website, but I forgot the most important thing. In this post I will share the experience of my mistakes and also what I have observed, especially in the NFT area.

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