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The moody day hike

  • hiking
  • nature
  • autumn
  • nft
  • forrest
  • tezos

The rain is dripping on the windows, making lovely sounds. It's cold and you're already in your wool socks. Sitting there on the window bench, watching the moody, dark green and wet landscape. Your decoration is carefully prepared with beautiful fallen leaves and pumpkins. It's autumn. There is still some fog hanging In the threes. Your sipping at your soya tripple nut chocolate latte.

There... far away, you see someone with a blue jacket. What is this person doing there on such a moody autumn day? Hey, it's me, telling you it's the perfect weather for a hike. So come out and take a walk with me my friend. I have some hot coffee and the guratee for an adventure. Be brave but be carefull, there might be something hidden in the fog.

Use #themoodydayhike on twitter to tell your friends about it.

The moody day hike is an NFT collection of hiking photography around several locations listed on and the tezos blockchain

  • A Raffle for special photo after 100% sold out. Every collection piece is one entry.
  • 11 Trees With every 1/1 primary sale I'll donate money for planting 11 trees to

With buying an NFT of this collection you will be granted to use the image for any private purpose. Commercial rights are not included. If you want to print it, feel free to contact me for print ready files.